COS Commandos: Dieux du GLow World


Take A Guess

You know, the one who talks funny. The one of whom T. is fond. The one who tells Hell "he could be him." In short, a very, very bad boy.

You Want More of Number Four

Number Four: Shahrukh Kingsley, also known as Nekkid Swimming Guy by Hell in Virtually His.
Not much for talking.
Good with big swords

There is a royal history in his blood. And revenge. And ancient feud.
Great ingredients for an action romance, yes?

High Five

Fly Boy. Number Five. Michael Hunter.

He loves planes and women, and they love him back.

Just a taste for now. Don't worry, excerpt/interview coming.

What You Want Is Number One

Some background Intel that might have escaped your notice:

Alex Diamond Prologue I

Alex Diamond Prologue II

All Intel you read is FYEO and classified, of course. You tell on me, I'll find you and take away all your boy toys. And no more special SEAL story for you.

Number One. He's what you want, I know. And what he wants is T. But that's another Intel report.


Number Nine Is So Fine

Number Nine, Jed McNeil, talks to Gennita Low. What? His Jedness is going to talk? No way! He must have an agenda....



Nimber Eight Sighting

Number Eight, Heath Cliffe, has a few naughty things to say at Gennita's Blog.


Pay Attention to the MUSIC!

Are you kidding me?

Gennita thinks this roving camera will make you happy. Click on the arrow to watch it

The music is what got her attention. Really.

There are two sides to the GLow World. Sexy, yeah, definitely

And ACTION. (Cue in next video...)


Are You Ready For Da Glow World?



Gennita Low has two new declassified files coming out in 2007:


The declassified files will contain documents on GEM operative Hell in a top secret program called TIVRRV (pronounced "terror". It involves virtual reality and...other stuff. You'll just have to wait for the rest of the info.

Virtual reality is the simulation of a real or imagined environment that can be experienced visually in the three dimensions of width, height, and depth and that may additionally provide an interactive experience visually in full real-time motion with sound and possibly with tactile and other forms of feedback.

Virtual reality can be divided into:

1) The simulation of real environments such as the interior of a building or a spaceship often with the purpose of training or education
2) The development of an imagined environment, typically for a game or educational adventure

At COMCEN, we've developed an intensive program that includes Immersive Virtual Reality, a simulation of mind and body using brainwave synchronization. Our avatars are so real, our operatives can't tell where imagination ends and reality begins.

Helen Roston isn't quite sure who her monitor/trainer is, but she knows it's one of the COS Commandos. The following video is a teaser about Hell's adventure. Please click on ARROW to stay HERE to watch.

Is it real? Is HE real? To read an excerpt of VIRTUALLY HIS, click HELL GEM EXCERPT

GLOW fans, you know what to do if you want to learn more--click on the links on the right. They'll take you to her personal blog and behind-the-scenes COMCEN blog. There is no such thing as too much Intel.

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